Polymer Day 2016

March 30, 2016

The 6th annual MIT Polymer Day was held on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 in Morss Hall (142 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139).

Polymer Day starts with a poster session judged by local industry professionals over a light lunch. Following the poster session, attendees listen to talks by invited speakers before celebrating the culmination of the day with a reception and awards ceremony. Polymer Day is open to the entire MIT community, as well as to students from polymer research programs throughout Massachusetts.

Prizes are given for the best posters. This year's prizes were:

1 Grand Prize – Microsoft Surface 3

2 Runners Up – Kindle Voyage

4 Honorable Mentions – WD My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive


2016 Grand Prize 

Anasuya Mandal, "Microneedle-based immune monitoring platform samples cells and interstitial fluid from tissue in situ" (Graduate Student, Hammond Lab)

2016 Runners-Up

Shinsuke Ishihara, "Supramolecular polymer sensor toward personal monitoring of chemical warfare agents" (Post-Doc, Swager Group)

Jouha Min, "Designer dual therapy nanolayered implant coatings eradicate biofilms and accelerate bone tissue repair" (Graduate Student, Hammond Lab)

2016 Honorable Mentions

Alan Aguirre-Soto, "Mechanism of super oxygen-resistant radical polymerization enabling polymerization-based signal amplification for biosensors" (Post-Doc, Sikes Lab)

Prity Bengani-Lutz, "Zwitterionic copolymer self-assembly for fouling resistant membranes with ~1nm pore size" (Graduate Student, Asatekin Lab @ Tufts)

Scott C. Grindy, "Exploring elasticity and energy dissipation in mussel-inspired hydrogel transient networks" (Graduate Student, Holten-Andersen Lab)

Xiao Su, "Organometallic polymers in asymmetric redox-electrode design: electrochemically-mediated ion-selective separations and enhanced energy storage" (Graduate Student, Hatton Group)