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Polymer Day 2022 

Polymer Day 2022 took place at MIT's campus on April 20th. We had nearly 200 attendees and 38 posters from students and postdocs from universities around the Northeast. The day included a poster session and career fair in the morning followed by an alumni panel and research talks in the afternoon. 

The winners of the poster competition were: 

First Place:

"Plug-and-Play Heterogeneous Catalysis Enabled by Metal–Organic Cage-Crosslinked Polymers"
Christopher Brown, Postdoctoral Scholar at MIT

Second Place:

"Ruthenium Removal from Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization via Covalent Capture Purification"
Landon Kilgallon, Graduate Student at MIT

"End to End Force Field Parametrization for Polymer and Liquid Electrolytes Using Machine Learning"
Pablo Leon, Graduate Student at MIT

Third Place: 

"Exploring the Potential of the Bottlebrush Network Architecture in the Design of New Materials"
Brandon Clarke, Graduate Student at UMass Amherst

"Investigating Time-Dependent Active Motion of Janus Micromotors using Dynamic Light Scattering"
Alex McGlasson, Graduate Student at UMass Amherst 

"Palladium Mediated Synthesis of Protein-Polyarene Conjugates"
Jacob Rodriguez, Graduate Student at MIT