Fluorescent Supramolecular Self-Assembling System


Cynthia Lo


Cynthia Lo, Jia Tian, William R. Lindermann, Julia Ortony

Author Affiliation: 

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT


Molecular self-assembly has been an area of recent interest due to its application in a variety of important contexts, from drug delivery to modification of common plastics. However, this area is still new and under-characterized. This research seeks to characterize the self assembling dynamic behavior of a 4-aryl-N-methylpyridinium derivatives with hydrophobic tails of varying lengths in a host-guest complex with CB[8] in water. Previous work had been done to show that 4-aryl-N-methylpyridinium derivatives form stable host-guest complexes with CB[8] in aqueous conditions, so we are hoping to see similar host-guest interactions with the addition of the hydrophobic tails, and self assembly into larger structures such as micelles or nanorods.