Geometric and optical transformation of a supramolecular host-guest amphiphile

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Cynthia Lo


Cynthia Lo*, Jia Tian*, William R. Lindemann*, Julia H. Ortony*

Author Affiliation: 

*MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering


We exploit molecular self-assembly of amphiphilic push-pull chromophores to create uniform nanostructures in water. The constituent amphiphilic chromophores were designed to form non-covalent, host-guest complexes with a cyclic host molecule. Upon addition of the host, the chromophore assemblies undergo a geometric and optical transformation. This system represents the first example of molecular self-assembly coupled with host-guest chemistry. Here, we present the synthetic route to our amphiphilic guest molecule, in addition to the nanostructural characterization by TEM, SAXS, and DLS. We use spectroscopic methods to measure optical switching, and demonstrate that this new platform offers unique photochemical and nanostructural properties.