Highly Ordered Polymers for Magneto-Optical Applications


Kathleen R. White


Kathleen R. White, Timothy M. Swager

Author Affiliation: 

Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Regioregular polythiophenes and other highly ordered conjugated polymers have recently been found to display large Faraday rotations, though the mechanism leading to this phenomenon is the subject of ongoing research. In this work, we sought to explore the structure-property relationships in conjugated polymers that could lead to the observation of large Faraday rotations, with particular emphasis on the investigation of materials with high degrees of solid-state order. We synthesized a series of poly(arylene ethynylene)s (PAEs) with highly biaxial structures containing Òrigid-rodÓ type backbones and long alkyl side chains. In addition, by incorporating strong donorÐacceptor character into the polymer backbones, we sought to promote interchain pi-stacking and further enhance solid-state organization and electronic delocalization. The solid-state order of the polymers will be characterized via XRD, and Faraday rotations will be measured. We envision that these types of materials could find application in the development of magnetic field sensors with high sensitivities.