New Magneto-Optic Polymeric Materials with Giant Faraday Rotation


Pan Wang


Pan Wang, Intak Jeon, Qingyang Du, Suchol Savagatrup, Zhou Lin, Timothy M. Swager*

Author Affiliation: 

Pan Wang, Suchol Savagatrup, Zhou Lin, Timothy M. Swager*, Department of Chemistry Intak Jeon, Qingyang Du,Department of Material Science and Engineering


Magneto-optic (MO) materials are of great interest for their wide use in high-end applications and magnetic field sensors. Compared to traditional inorganic magnetic-optic materials, polymeric materials are far more superior in their flexibility and robustness, allowing the fine-tuning to meet specific device requirements. We report our very recent discovery of a new kind of sulfone containing helical polymer, which is demonstrated to be a new magnetic-optic material with giant Faraday effect to the order of 106 deg T-1 m-1 in Verdet constant in the UV-vis region. Different from the previous research, we showed that helical structure polymers could perform better than the reported lamellar arranging structures. Full characterizations of these new polymers shed light on understanding the underlying mechanism of intrinsic Faraday phenomenon with its supramolecular structures. Primary application of this MO material into magnetic field sensor with ring resonator platform is underway.