Polymer Day 2015

March 11, 2015

2015 Grand Prize 

Wenda Tian—Electrochemically Nanostructured Polyvinylferrocene / Polypyrrole Hybrids with a Remarkable Synergy for Energy Storage

2015 Runners-Up

Hossein Sojoudi—Surface Modification for Reducing Ice Adhesion Using CVD Polymers

Yiran Zheng—In vivo Arming of Adoptively Transferred T-cells with Drug-Loaded Antibody- and Cytokine-Conjugated Lipid Nanoparticles

2015 Honorable Mentions

Nakul Bende—Snap-through folding of non-Euclidean polymer shells

Scott C. Grindy—Mechanical Properties of Histidine-divalent Metal Transient Network Hydrogels

Jouha Min—Tunable nanolayered coatings for effective treatment of implant-related bacterial infection in bone

Jonathan G. Weis—Pore Blocking by Polymer Conformation Change upon Exposure to Chemical Warfare Agent Mimics