Posters for Polymer Day 2016

Poster Session Title Presenter
Mechanism of super oxygen-resistant radical polymerization enabling polymerization-based signal amplification for biosensors Alan Aguirre-Soto
Zwitterionic copolymer self-assembly for fouling resistant membranes with ~1nm pore size Prity Bengani-Lutz
Screening nucleating agents for polymer crystallization by molecular simulation Alexander J Bourque
Flexible Octopus-Shaped Hydrogel Particles for Specific Cell Capture Lynna Chen
Eudragit-PLGA-PEG Blended Nanoparticles with pH Triggered Drug Release for Oral Delivery of Insulin Sunandini Chopra
Radial Ordered Heterostructures Growth on Polymer Electrospun Fibers: Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity Helinando Pequeno de Oliveira
Chemical Warfare Agent Detection with Conjugated Polymer-Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Composites John F. Fennell Jr
Multilayer self-templated block copolymer meshes Karim Gadelrab
Cartilage Penetrating Nanoparticles for Early Treatment of Osteoarthritis Brett C Geiger
Core-Shell Composite Hydrogels for Controlled Nanocrystal Formation and Release of Hydrophobic Drugs Abu Zayed Md Badruddoza, P. Douglas Godfrin
Exploring elasticity and energy dissipation in mussel-inspired hydrogel transient networks Scott C. Grindy
Colloid-Templated Interfacial Polymerization and Its Application in Droplet Morphology Control Yuan He
Supramolecular polymer sensor toward personal monitoring of chemical warfare agents Shinsuke Ishihara
Stereospecific Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Norbornadienes Using High Oxidation State Alkylidene Complexes Jeremy M. John
Controlling polymer architecture with ring-opening metathesis polymerization Julia Kalow
Organic primitives for sensing and actuating biopolymer composites Emma Vargo, Viirj Kan
iCVD Topcoat for Sub-10nm Patterning with Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Film Do Han Kim
Porous microwells for geometry-selective, large-scale microparticle arrays Jae Jung Kim
Bio-inspired Stiffening Process Through Dehydration Sungjin Kim
Layered and Scrolled Nanocomposites with Aligned Semi-Infinite Graphene Inclusions at the Platelet Limit Pingwei Liu
Simultaneous electrical recording and optical control with metal nanowire-coated polymer neural probes. Chi Lu
Microneedle-Based Immune Monitoring Platform Samples Cells and Interstitial Fluid from Tissue in Situ Anasuya Mandal
A Dual Electronic/Li Ion Conducting Polymer Blend for the Lithium Ion Battery Electrode Matrix Michael B. McDonald
Designer Dual Therapy Nanolayered Implant Coatings Eradicate Biofilms and Accelerate Bone Tissue Repair Jouha Min
Single-molecule experiments and simulations of knotted polymer chains Vivek Narsimhan and Alex Klotz
Redox-Active, Actuating Ladder Polymer Wen Jie Ong
High Performance Electrospun Polyethylene Fibers by Gel-Electrospinning Jay Hoon Park
Rare-Earth Encoded Hollow Particles for use as Proppants and Reservoir Tracers Junyong Park
Thin-film backpacks for cell-based therapies across the blood-brain barrier Roberta Polak
Particle Alignment Control in Polymer Composites Kenan Song
Active Tribological Probes Joshua Steimel
Tailoring Polyamide Thermal and Mechanical Properties via Cis/Trans Isomerism Elizabeth S. Sterner
Organometallic polymers in asymmetric redox-electrode design: electrochemically-mediated ion-selective separations and enhanced energy storage Xiao Su
T lymphocyte engineering with responsive cytokine nanogels for enhanced efficacy and safety of adoptive cell therapy for cancer Li Tang
Organic primitives for sensing and actuating biopolymer composites Emma Vargo
Towards glycosylated networks of helical polypeptides Wade Wang
Highly Ordered Polymers for Magneto-Optical Applications Kathleen R. White
Robust Metal-Decorated Polymer/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Composites for Gas Sensing Bora Yoon