Posters for Polymer Day 2017

Title Presenter
Solution-based assembly of conjugated polymers into nanowires for organic electronics Daniel E. Acevedo Cartagena
Thickness Dependence of Failure in Ultra-Thin Glassy Polymer Films R. Konane Bay
Injectable biomaterials for localized modulation of the breast tumor microenvironment Nitasha Bennett
Effect of internal architecture on microgel deformation in microfluidic constrictions Lynna Chen
Retention of droplets with in-situ precipitation of polyelectrolytes Maher Damak
Alkaline phosphatase in-situ generates D-peptidic assemblies that pleitropically activate extrinsic death signaling and selectively kill cancer cells Xuewen Du
Enzyme-Instructed Assembly and Disassembly Processes for Targeting Downregulation in Cancer Cells Zhaoqianqi Feng
MQ Silicone Copolymers: Synthesis and Surface Activity Daniel Flagg
Block copolymers based optically transparent super-hydrophobic coating Karim Gadelrab
Complex Mechanical Design of Bio-Inspired Model Transient Network Hydrogels Scott Grindy
Grafted Block Copolymers: The Continuum Between 3-Arm Star and A-B-C Linear Triblock Copolymers Rohit Gupta
Unleashing elastic energy: dynamics of energy release in rubber bands and impulsive biological systems Mark Ilton
PEGylated Oligonucleotides: PEG Architecture, Protein Accessibility, DNA Hybridization Thermodynamics, and Antisense Gene Regulation Fei Jia
Oxidative Chemical Vapor Deposition of Polymers for Thin-Film Photovoltaic Devices with Enhanced Efficiency and Lifetime Won Jun Jo
Polymeric Helical Microactuators : Achieving High Speed and Large 1-D Movement Yongjin Kim
The Investigation of A-alt-B Copolymers via Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization Melanie W. Lui
Multidentate polymer ligands for compact quantum dot probes emitting in the short-wave infrared Daniel M. Montana
Nanostructured Conducting Polymers for Electrochemically-mediated Separations of Organic Pollutants from Water Yinying Ren
Smart and reactive sulfonium-based polymer zwitterions Cristiam Fernando Santa Chalarca
Versatile Function of cargoes loaded Poymer Conjugated Mesoporous Silica : A Potential Drug Delivery Podium for Effective Cancer Therapy Soundarapandian Kannan
Amphiphilic nanoparticles as biomimetic fusion proteins Mukarram Tahir
Copper Hexacyanoferrate Hydrogel Electrodes for Cation Separations Kai-Jher Tan
Non-Equilibrium Dynamics Simulations of Vesicles and Micelles by Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers with Double Thermoresponsivity Yu-Hang Tang
Rheological Determination of Yielding in Soft Solids Vijesh A. Tanna
Instant Hydrogelation Inspired by Inflammasomes Huaimin Wang
New Magneto-Optic Polymeric Materials with Giant Faraday Rotation Pan Wang
Heterogeneous nucleation of lamella polypropylene on SWNT-alumina hybrid platelets for discontinuous composite reinforcement Gavin Winter
Biodegradable polymeric systems for delivering periodic shRNA with high silencing efficacy Connie Wu
Introducing Cobaltocenium to Alkaline Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (AAEMFC) Haomiao Yuan
Theoretical and experimental study of chemo-mechanical coupling in hydrogels for energy harvesting from salinity gradients Sui Zhang
Alpha-helical, Hydrolysis-mediated Polymer-drug Conjugates derived from Poly(propargyl-L-glutamate) Brian Zhong
Hyper-Crosslinkers Lead to Temperature- and pH-Responsive Polymeric Nanogels with Unusual Volume Change Ning Zhou
Thermal and Photo Actuators Based on Temperature-Responsive Hydrogel and Nanocomposites Ying Zhou
Effective Binding Affinities of Mucin-like Polymers, A Computational Study Emiko Zumbro